• What if I have an accident?

    1. Stop immediately, but do not obstruct traffic if possible.  2. Assist anyone injured.  Call the police or have someone call the police.  3. Secure the names, phone numbers, and addresses of other drivers, witnesses and injured persons. 4. Secure the make, model and license numbers of all vehicles involved.  5. Take pictures if possible 6. Don’t hastily accept claim settlements at the scene of the accident.  7. Remain calm, courteous and consistent in your version of the accident.  8. Notify your insurance agent as soon as possible with the details and police report number.

  • Does my policy cover other drivers?

    All licensed drivers in the State of Ohio are required to carry Bodily Injury and Property Damage liability.  Bodily Injury liability protects you financially when you are at fault for an accident that physically injures another person.  Property Damage liability covers damage done to other vehicles or property.   The higher limits you have, the better the protection.

                    Most policies also cover Medical Payments coverage.  This covers any injuries that you and any passengers in your vehicle incur as a result of the accident.  Please contact our office to learn more about these coverages and how they protect you.

  • Does my policy cover towing?

    Towing coverage is an additional vehicle coverage that can be purchased in most circumstances.   Your declaration of insurance page would list the coverage under each vehicle that you carry towing coverage.  Some companies may refer to this coverage as “Roadside Assistance.”  Please contact our office if you are unsure if you carry this coverage, or if you would like to add the coverage to your policy.

  • How often should I review my policy?

    Consider additional coverages when major life events occur. If you've made a substantial purchase, recently gotten married, or had children there is likely a need to review your current policy.

  • What's the difference between term, whole, and universal?

    1.) Term Life insurance is the most affordable coverage available. It is purchased for a set time and will expire with no cash value. It can be purchased and converted to a Whole Life policy later.

    2.) Whole life covers you for, you guessed it, your whole life. It builds cash value and is often a great investment with many options.

    3.) Universal Life insurance offers permanent coverage with cash growth potential and flexible payment options. You can customize the premium and coverages to fit your needs.

  • How do I know how much coverage I need?

    It's important to consider several things when determining coverage amounts. Final expenses, how many years you want to provide income for your beneficiary, your current savings, and your overall debt. We are happy to help review what is involved in this calculation and will work with you to determine the appropriate amount.

  • What coverage does my policy provide?

      Most insurance companies require that a house be insured for replacement cost.  This number is often much higher than the purchase price of a house, which is market value.  The replacement cost settlement method would pay to rebuild the house exactly as it was in the event of a total loss.  This number is calculated using a replacement cost estimator.  Since this is an estimate, the replacement cost settlement allows some extra coverage based on new building code standards and municipal codes.

  • Does my policy cover my possessions?

    Homeowner insurance policies cover personal property as a percentage of the amount of insurance on the house itself.  More coverage can be purchased if necessary.  Certain items, such as jewelry, fine art, firearms, etc. can be scheduled on the policy for a specific price for an additional premium to offer better protection for those items.

  • What factors affect the price of homeowner insurance?

    Many factors go in to all insurance rates, but some items can give you a better rate: The distance the house is from the responding fire department, along with access to fire hydrants is very important.  If there is a security and automatic alarm system installed in the house, a discount may be applied.  The number of losses you have incurred will also affect the rate, along with the deductible you choose.

  • Why do I need insurance?

    You have worked hard to build up your assets and financial footing for you and your family.  You want to be sure that what you have worked hard for is properly covered.   Unfortunately, accidents and disasters do happen and could leave you in financial ruin.  You need insurance to protect your life, your ability to earn income, and to keep a roof over your head.

  • What coverage do I have?

    Each insurance company issues a Declaration of Insurance describing the coverages provided by the policy.  A new declaration is issued for every policy at the time of new business, policy renewal, and endorsement or change made to the policy.  The declaration issued with the most recent date has the up to date coverages listed.

  • How do I file a claim?

    Our agents are always willing to help our customers.  To file a claim during regular business hours, you can call our agency with the information.  Our agency will then follow the proper claim reporting procedure based on the insuring company.  The adjuster for the claim from the home company will then contact you for further information during their investigation.

  • Can I get a discount?

    Every company is different in the discounts and amount of discount they offer.  The most common discounts are Multi-policy for having your home and auto insured with the same company, loss free, good student, and homeownership.  Our agents are here to help you get the best discounts you qualify for.  Contact our office today to learn more.

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